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What to Expect

At Yuba Sutter Eye Care, we strive to provide comprehensive eye exams to ensure the optimal health of your eyes. Our experienced optometrists will thoroughly assess your vision and eye health during your complete eye exam.

The exam may include various components, such as:

Visual Acuity Testing

 You will be asked to read letters or symbols from a chart to assess the clarity of your vision.


This test determines your glasses or contact lenses prescription, helping us tailor your vision correction.

Eye Health Examination

The optometrist will examine the health of your eyes, checking for signs of dryness and diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration.

Now, regarding dilation options:

Dilated Eye Exam

This involves eye drops to widen the pupils, allowing a more detailed examination of the retina. This option provides a comprehensive view of the retina’s periphery, aiding in detecting certain eye conditions.

Non-Dilated Eye Exam

 If you prefer not to dilate your eyes, we can still thoroughly examine using advanced technology and techniques.

After the exam, if a prescription is needed, you can choose where to get it filled. You can take your prescription to Feather River Eye Care or any other optical provider.

We aim to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process, prioritizing your eye health and visual well-being. If you have any specific concerns or preferences, feel free to discuss them with our staff during your visit. We look forward to providing you personalized, quality eye care at Yuba Sutter Eye Care.